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Construction Site Security

By Creative Protection Services Ltd

Professional Gateman

Fire Wardens

Skilled Banksmen


Skilled & qualified professionals, trained to provide tailored solutions.

We work closely with our clients to create a bespoke plan for the duty and site-specific tasks our team will undertake.

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Construction Site Security

You can trust Creative Protection Services to manage security at your construction site, keeping your people safe and secure ensuring your project runs smoothly.

Our experienced security personnel will provide permanent, temporary, or short notice security and support. With a dedicated phone line available 24 hours a day we will help support and manage the security of the site.

All our security officers are SIA licensed, fully insured and those working on construction sites hold CSCS cards, giving you the peace of mind, our officers are working safely on your building industry.

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Vehicle Banksmen & Site Gatemen

A building site is a high-risk environment, particularly when vehicles are in use. Vehicle banksmen are the eyes and ears of crane and truck drivers, helping them manoeuvre safely around site, avoiding obstacles and accessing confined spaces.

We can provide a professional traffic marshal and/or banksman to supervise and direct the movement of vehicles and heavy plant, preventing collisions or accidents.

Keeping your compound safe and secure starts with controlling who enters the site.Gatemen manage the gate and supervise any traffic entering to ensure that only authorised parties have access.

They can also issue security passes and check and issue PPE to keep everyone safe at work. With our gatemen in place, rest assured your site is in safe hands.

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Traffic Marshals & Fire Wardens

Our Traffic Marshals will monitor and guide traffic safely through the construction site ensuring the safety of people and plant preventing any incidents or accidents.

Our officers’ duties can include and help ensure deliveries and equipment are moved without causing disruption to your work while minimising risk.

Protect your project and your people from the risk of fire by hiring our experienced and qualified Fire Warden. They will routinely check fire alarms are operational, ensure emergency exits operate and are clear of obstructions, well-signposted, and check fire extinguishers have been serviced allowing your team to focus on your work knowing fire safety is taken care of.

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Save time, money, reputation & lives
COVID-19 compliance
Access control & reporting
Intruder detection & security response

Rapid Deployment of Manned Security

We understand, installing CCTV cameras act as a deterrent to only very few opportunists, however, in most cases, cameras will only catch criminals on video after they have left the site and/or building having either damaged property, stolen equipment and plant or even worse, vandalised the site, causing huge costs and on going problems.

Creative Protection Services will provide a “Rapid” deployment of Manned Security”to protect the site or building. In cases, where emergency welfare facilities are required for the security officer, we can cater for this.

We are proud to offer a broad range of services allowing us to customise and tailor the service best suited to the individual customer’s needs, offering the most beneficial and cost-effective security solution available.

Our highly trained, insured, & qualified security officers offer 24/7 365 days a year protection for any site or premises, no matter what industry, assisting and preventing any unauthorised persons from trespassing.

Our officers and management team take a proactive and professional approach to all your needs, whether it’s guarding a vacant building, a construction site, offices and/or regular patrols and take pride in adapting the services to the clients’ ultimate needs.

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